Investor Relations

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CHEAPAZON is a brand new concept developed during the pandemic to extend savings on products and services offered by Affiliate marketing is not new, but we believe with the right name at the right time and the dollars to support us we can become one of the leading sites delivering value to the mass market with regards to exclusive discounts and product reviews and information to support the customer during their time of purchase. 

One of our competitors facilitates $150M a year in product purchases, of which up to 10% is revenue commissions. 

We are currently seeking investors to help fund CHEAPAZON to enable us to add staff members for content creation and for marketing and advertising expenses. We would like to extend our reach beyond Amazon and be able to offer discounts from multiple organizations. We need funding to do these things. It takes money to make money. We are prepared to deliver unprecedented value to the investor.

Everyone is looking for the best deals on everyday items and we believe with the proper funding CHEAPAZON can be the next big thing.

We believe we have the right name and it's the right time.

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Joseph Wattam, CEO

JW eCommerce Holdings, LLC